Interesting Facts About India

India is one of the largest democratic and secular country in the world. It is the most beautiful country where you can find unity in diversities. Even though there are many diversity in language, religion, caste, landscapes, etc, it stays united. Find some awesome facts about this beautiful country in the below pictures, wallpaper grouped under the tag name facts about India. These images, pics, ecards, messages can be shared with friends and loved ones and help them to know more about this incredible country.

    India has won all 5 men's Kabaddi World Cups held till now and have been undefeated throughout these tournaments.


    When Dr Rajendra Prasad was appointed the President of India, he only took 50% of his salary, claiming he did not require more than that.

    India is also one of the largest democracies in the world.

    There many wonderful and surprising facts about this beautiful country India. A beautiful land where people live together forgetting about all their differences. If you are searching for something unique to share in social media then share these below facts about India. There are many facts about India that many people are not aware of. So feel free to share these facts about India and surprise them with the beauty and wonderful things about India.

    India has the largest postal system in the world with more than 150,000 post offices, which is thrice the size of that of China.

    The second largest pool of engineers and scientists is from India.

    India is the second largest English speaking country in the world – 125,226,449 numbers of English speakers.

    Indian railway employs more than a million people, making it the largest employers in the world.

    India leads the world with the largest number of films.

    Over 4700 daily newspapers in more than 300 languages are produced in India.

    India’s road network is the world’s second largest with 4,865,000 km of roads constructed.

    ‘Zero’ in the number system was invented by a mathematician from India. His name was Aryabhatta.

    Calculus, Trigonometry, and Algebra originated in India.

    Yoga originated from India and is still in existence for over 5000 years.

    Takshila, the first ever university in the world started around 700 BC in India.

    More than 54 crore people voted in 2014 general elections. This is more than the entire population of the U.S., U.K., Japan, and Australia combined.

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