Best Food Facts

The world is full of food lovers. Have a look at this images and pictures with Best Food Facts. Every food you eat every day has an amazing fact. Enjoy reading them every day. You can also download and share these food facts with your loved ones via digital media platforms.

    Humans are born craving sugar.

    The tea bag was created by accident, as tea bags were originally sent as samples.

    Chocolate was once used as currency.

    The winner of the 2013 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest consumed 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

    One of the most popular pizza toppings in Brazil is green peas.

    Foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates etc. They are also rich in facts too. In this section, we have given a lot of Best Food Facts which will make you amazed for sure. Reading these facts could change your perception of food items.

    Apples belong to the rose family, as do pears and plums.

    Consuming dairy may cause acne.

    Ripe cranberries will bounce like rubber balls.

    Pound cake got its name from its original recipe, which called for a pound each of butter, eggs, sugar, and flour.

    Pringles once had a lawsuit trying to prove that they weren't really potato chips.

    The oldest evidence for soup is from 6,000 B.C. and calls for hippopotamus and sparrow meat.

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