Interesting DNA Facts

DNA is a quite interesting and puzzled topic. We are not aware of most of the stunning and unbelievable facts about DNA. The page is exclusively build with the attractive and amazing collections of DNA facts. A human shares about 99% of their DNA with every other human. Shocking? Scroll down for more interesting DNA facts and share it among your friends through any social media profiles.

    A parent and child share 99.5% of the same DNA.

    Humans and cabbage share about 40-50% common DNA.

    You know what? 1 single gram of DNA is capable of holding an amazing 700 terabytes of data!

    Genes make up only about 3 percent of your DNA.

    Your DNA could link you to places you’d never imagine.

    Friedrich Miescher discovered DNA in 1869, although scientists did not understand DNA was the genetic material in cells until 1943. Prior to that time, it was widely believed that proteins stored genetic information.

    The center of our galaxy Milky Way contains molecular precursors of DNA.

    It will take 50 years to type the entire human genome if someone types at a speed of 60 wpm (words per minute) and works 8 hours a day!

    DNA is capable of replicating or duplicating itself, it is, it is capable of making an identical copy of itself and this is essential during cell division.

    The human genome contains 3 billion base pairs of DNA.

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