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There Is A Species Of Spider Called The Hobo Spider
A Baby Can Breathe And Swallow At The Same Time Until 7 Months Of Age.
99% Of Swans Only Have One Partner Their Whole Lifetime
Viagra, When Dissolved In Vase Of Water, Can Make Cut-flowers Stay Erect
Elephants Are The Only Animal That Cannot Jump.
An Apple, Potato, And Onion All Taste The Same If You Eat Them With Your Nose Plugged
"nyctophilia" Love Of Darkness Or Night. Finding Relaxation Or Comfort In The Darkness
There Are 3 Species Of Vampire Bats Which Feed Solely On Blood
Facts About Dolphin
Facts About Soda (A 20-ounce Bottle Of Soda Contains The Equivalent Of Approximately 16 Teaspoons

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